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It’s nice to have a shoe I can wear for everything.

And even though these are super-comfy, she still slips Dr.

I wore heeled sandals often, as I love the height they give me.

By and large, brands often opt for an earthy palette with their trail sneaker design: browns and oranges and murky reds.

Backed up by a team of professional cordwainers, digital experts, e-commerce specialists, and enthusiastic customer service executives, Legwork is proud to have earned a name in the industry.

“But I love the design too — it’s streamlined but still classic, and hits the perfect balance between chunky and modern.

Last year, Holmes kept her Sorel boots in rotation.

“I have the Nike Huarache sneakers in all-white and wear them all the time, says Elizabeth Tamkin, the former market strategist at Man Repeller.

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