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Wear Forward is not so much a shop but a social enterprise, providing services such as upcycling, wardrobe management, styling, alteration, fashion consulting, reconditioning, and online brand management services, among others, geared towards promoting circular fashion.

Mimpikita reimagines Malay garments as luxurious, breathable casualwear.

Treatment for DRESS is aimed at discontinuation of the offending drug.

I should be able to speak my opinion without being disciplined.

Speaking to BuzzFeed about the incident, Crimmins said she was written up for showing her stomach, with the teenager recalling how a teacher had told her her shirt is really revealing before offering her the option of going to the resource room to change.

You have complete control, so if you don’t make the money, it’s because of you.

Green was a bestower.

Thus defined, trousers can be traced to ancient times and were especially common among equestrian peoples such as the Scythians and Mongols .

Textiles made in the United States—mainly in the South—are exported for clothing manufacture in many other nations.

dress code should be there and one day should be casuals.

It was a fashion that offended those with delicate sensibilities, and even caused Barack Obama to wade in.

Naturally, it comes in a number of styles and literally thousands of designs.

All other amendments of the certificate of incorporation shall be made in the following manner: The board of trustees shall approve the proposed amendment and direct that it be submitted to a vote at a meeting of the members; Written notice setting forth the proposed amendment or a summary of the changes to be effected thereby shall be given to each member of record entitled to vote thereon within the time and in the manner provided in this act for the giving of notice of meetings of members; At the meeting, a vote of members entitled to vote thereon shall be taken on the proposed amendment.

The health hazards that prompted the creation of textile labor unions in the United States and the United Kingdom in the early 1900’s have now shifted to work settings in LMICs.

These LMICs often lack the supports and resources necessary to develop and enforce environmental and occupational safeguards to protect human health.

It helps teenagers to adjust to using bras till the time they are ready to wear the regular bra.

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