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What is called traditional dress might in the early twenty-first century be more correctly called ethnic dress, donned to express diverse identities and affiliations such as cultural pride, nationalist or ethnic group politics, or to make a statement about personal, aesthetic, and cultural values.

He doesn’t yet understand that his mom is famous.

This black pussy bow looks awesome on a white fit-and-flare lace dress:

And when it comes to sports shoes, the physical movements the foot undergoes can cause harm if the shoe is not properly fitted.

Among them, 38 patients with probable or definite DRESS syndrome were further divided into a topical steroid group and a systemic steroid group.

Clothes vocabulary video with American English pronunciation.

It was a very insightful session @HimaDas8 .

The intentions were there, as the sportswear behemoth has had an eye towards revolutionizing the clothing industry for years.

formative assessment.

The brand is known for providing optimum quality and has earned a massive global reputation.

Designed using Climacool Tech, Performance gloves keep you cool and dry whilst you train.

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Most properly applied and cured ordinary screen printing that cannot be scraped off of the garment is considered to be part of the substrate, and not a surface coating on the clothing .

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4 percent of the bags tested positive for human pathogens.

Export duty for Brass Candle Stand is levied by the government when the product is exported from India to other countries.

Success was not long to follow.

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