My Rad Life, Feminist Journaling

One of the things I enjoy as a reader is being able to sit down and reflect on what I have read and how my life is going. In the past few months I have noticed that there is a demand for journals that guide some of this introspection. Doing some browsing, I was lucky enough to find My Rad Life, written by Kate Schatz and illustrated by Miriam Klein Stahl. If their names sound familiar that is because they have also worked together in awesome titles like Rad Women Worldwide and Rad American Women A-Z.

My Rad Life is a mixture of prompts, quotes by notable rad women, and blank pages for your thoughts. The way it is organized you have an illustration of the woman who's quote is being featured and you have enough space to write your thoughts for that day or how that quote connects to your journaling. After some of the quotes you also have a prompt. These prompts are varied and touch on many topics, everything from the environment to your dreams are covered. As Kate and Miriam mention in the short intro, you can just open a random page in this journal and decide to complete a prompt or just doodle. The journal provides enough space for you to be creative.

If you are looking for just a blank notebook to write your thoughts, this might not be the journal for you. However, if you want to write your thoughts surrounded by images and thoughts of other strong women, this fits the bill. I think this journal is a great gift for young teenage girls, but also older women who journal. As fall approaches and many go back to school, I think this would make a good back to school present.

I personally loved the diversity of women presented in the journal. I think they did a good job of representing women of different ethnicities, different backgrounds, and different sexual/gender orientations. I also enjoyed the different prompts and think the journal design works well. I can see this journal not working for everybody, specially if you like more structured things, but I liked it and think it's a positive and inspiring journal to have.

"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

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