Bewitching Books, Witches as Main Characters

I have been reading quite a lot of books with a witch as a main character. In many of these books the witches have to deal with coming into power, accepting that they will be misunderstood by others, and also realizing that they have a purpose. Many of the witches are scared of their powers and confused, but over time they become strong and confident.

In honor of halloween, I thought I would share some witchy books.


This one took me a bit to get into, but it was definitely worth it. Agnieszka is the witch in this book. Every 10 years the wizard known as The Dragon takes a girl from the village, Agnieszka believes that this year he will take her best friend Kasia, who is the prettiest. Instead The Dragon takes her. She is scared of The Dragon and of magic, but she slowly becomes comfortable and finds the type of magic that suites her. This book also has an evil forest and some romance, which makes for excellent reading experience. It was slow to start, but I liked it.

Labyrinth Lost

Alex the witch in this story, or more precisely the bruja in this story is afraid of her magic and hates what her families "gift" has done to them. On the day they hold a celebration to welcome her powers, she casts as spell to get rid of her powers and instead makes her family disappear. Now she must travel to what would be the equivalent of the underworld to try and save them. I really enjoyed reading this book, there is a lot of sass and tension between the characters. I felt it did a good job of combining normal teen anxiety with magical powers.

The Bone Witch

Tea the witch in this story discovers she is a necromancer when she raises her brother from the grave. Once she is discovered to have this power an older witch or Asha as they are called in this book takes her to start her training. Necromancers are seen as an unwanted necessity in this book, because they have the power to control and put to submission the daeva, evil creatures that can cause great harm. This story is full of details of Tea's training, you are basically entering a world rich in culture and traditions. I read this as an audiobook and although there were parts that were kind of slow, it teases you with the possibility of a very interesting ending. The book is told from two perspectives, which gives you flashbacks and what is happening in the present, so you get to a point where you know something is going to happen and you need to find out.

Akata Witch

Sunny and albino girl living in Nigeria is the with in this story. Sunny is smart and athletic, but because of her albinism she can't play football and many of her classmates bully her. Sunny befriends Chichi and Orly and is initiated into the world of the Leopard People (aka witches and wizards). Sunny, Chichi, Orly and Sasha (a new comer from the US), form the youngest coven in Leopard People history and it's their responsibility to try and track down this evil wizard who has been murdering children. This was an awesome read, the world of the Leopard People is full of books, potions, and the cast of characters is great. It's also great to be able to read from a diversity perspective, theres not a lot of books with black people as wizards and it's diversity we need.

The Witches: Salem, 1692

Theres either many witches in this book or none at all, you be the judge. This is a nonfiction book about witches. It's a lengthy read, but if you are interested in the trials of witches in Salem and most people who read fiction about witches, surely are, it is an interesting read. You learn about the accusers and the victims, you get a sense of the religious tension of the time. It is in no way a fun read. It was a bit slow and depressing, but you do learn a lot about the Salem witch trials.

Rat Queens

The Rat Queen are not all witches, only two of them would qualify for the title. One is a mage (Hannah) and one was raised in a cult/religion were they worship this monster, she does have some powers (Dee). The other two members of the group a hobbit (Betty) and a fighter (Violet) are also pretty kickass. The Rat Queens go on missions for bounty, they fight a wide array of monsters and usually save the town were they live from extreme danger. This is a great comic to read, it's a bit raunchy, so it's not for everyone. As for the witches in this book, they are intriguing characters with cool backstories. This comic has everything, killer fights, funny moments, and sexy characters.

I love reading stories with witches and I love when these witches are unique and not one-dimensional. The books that I have listed are all a little different and offer a diverse array of witches. I hope you have read some of these or plan on reading them.

Do you have any witch books you would like to recommend? Let me know.

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