Say My Name, Book Review

Aging, staying in a loveless relationship, not finding what you are passionate about; these are all things I feel women worry about. We get send so many mixed signals from society and have so much pressure put on us that it’s no wonder we question many of the decisions we make. In the novel Say Anything, Allegra Huston tries to address some of these issues.

In the book, Eve who is in her late forties is married to Larry, they have been sleeping and separate rooms, their communication is nonexistent and they are both keeping secrets from each other. Eve runs into an old friend and his son (Micajah) who is in his late twenties, he flirts with her and she realizes that she is attracted to him too. In her free time, Eve goes to second hand shops to look for things and she has found this instrument that needs restoring, Micajah is assisting her with that, this leads them to have a sexual relationship, which will lead Eve to discover a new side to herself.

This book had many elements that made me think it would be fun, sexy, and insightful, but I didn’t enjoy as much as I thought I would. The characters were not endearing to me, I felt like both Eve and Micajah were trying too hard to be philosophical. At times, it felt like everybody else around them was beneath them. An older woman having an affair with a younger man is something that society does frown upon and I can see how Eve would feel both empowered by it and ashamed at the same time. What I had an issue with was the character of Micajah, he is supposed to be this bohemian, open minded guy, but I didn’t buy it.

I think this book did have noteworthy sex scenes, they left enough to the imagination, were in unique places, and Eve’s point of view was interesting. I also enjoyed the descriptions of music and the instrument that Eve found. There was a lot of nice imagery. I like when an author describes things in a way that beautifies them.

Even thought, this book was not for me, I can see how other readers might enjoy it. It does a good job of exposing what it is to be a woman that’s not in her prime, or what society deems is her prime, and that is an issue we should address more. Eve is also a character that takes many chances in this story and her self-discovery is interesting to read.

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