Losing Leah Holloway, Suspenseful Book Review

When the leaves start to fall, I usually turn to some thriller and mystery books. There’s something about the season that just begs for a spook. I had stepped away from detective thrillers where they are dealing with a serial killer, because it usually ends up affecting my sleep. Having said that, I was recently intrigued by a book of this sort titled Losing Leah Holloway, I decided to give it a try.

Losing Leah Holloway by Lisa Regan is the second book in the Claire Fletcher and Detective Parks Mystery Series. I have not read the first book, it deals with Claire Fletchers abduction situation, but I didn’t feel that you needed to read that book to follow this one. Yes, there are references to Claires situation, but the author provides enough context for the new readers to feel in the loop.

This book is about a serial killer deemed “The Soccer Mom Strangler” and his connection to Leah Holloway a mom who drives her SUV with her kids and neighbor’s kids into the river and when Claire tries to save her, she kills herself. Detective Parks oversees the Holloway case, and the cops can’t figure out why a woman with a seaming perfect life would kill herself and try to kill her kids. As the investigations starts to unfold, it becomes clear that Leah was hiding something from her husband and friends, something she was so terrified about that she would end her life and try to kill her kids for.

This story managed to be intriguing and scary without going into much detail about the murders. You are never really in the killer’s mind or present while he is performing the crimes, it’s more about figuring out how these two seemingly independent cases connect. There’s a Desperate Housewife’s element to it, which is interesting. Leah and her best friend/neighbor Rachel appear to have normal mom lives, but there is more to them. They are both secretive about their past and they both want to appear in control all the time. There’s also hints of other suburban families in dismay; a father who goes to his kids soccer game and gets drunk, a wife who cheats on her husband with a landscaper. There’s a lot of hints as to things not being as cookie cutter as they seem.

Another interesting aspect of this book is Claire and Detective Parks history. Having not read the first book and not wanting to spoil anything about this one, I will just say there’s a good element of romance and sexual tension.

I would say this was a capturing read, but it does have a lot of triggering events for many people. There’s the mention of rape, violence, hate of women mother figures. Nothing extreme, but if you are uncomfortable by these topics, this might not be a book for you. However, if you do enjoy a thriller with not too much explicit violence, but that also isn’t a cozy mystery, you should give this book a try.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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