The Creep, Our Deepest Fears Exposed

There's something really disturbing about our deepest fears becoming a reality. I think many of us are predisposed to worrying about things that shouldn't even matter. We can get so riled up that even unbelievable scenarios can become our deepest fears. Frank Krause has a Tumblr where he draws comics based on just these types of fears, our deep dark fears. He has a wide range of fears displayed as comics, everything from ghost stories, dying fears, and silly inconsequential fears. His work has become so popular that he recently published a collection of comics titled The Creep: A Deep Dark Fears Collection.

This Collection is an easy read, the drawings are scary at times, but mostly endearing. This collection resonated with me, many of the fears drawn are of the nostalgic sort; the kind of fears that are born from our elders scary stories. Many of the fears are also born from extremely anxious minds, the kinds of minds that overthink everything and see danger everywhere. Most of the fears in this collection are genuinely spooky.

This collection of comics has a comic for everyone, I personally identified with quite a few of these fears, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I laughed as I read it, and was spooked a few times too. I think this book is a great gift for any one with an anxious nature, you realize you are not alone, many people have crazy and not so crazy fears. This book is also a great Fall read, it has a great combination of reality and unknown.

I enjoyed reading this book and have already started harassing people close to me to read it.

Here is one of my favorite fears:

I received this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review.

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