In Need of Spooks, Read Harrow County

Happy Halloween! We are starting to feel the chilly winds of Fall and even though Hallows Eve ends today, we can continue reading spooky things through out Fall. If you are like me and still want some more scary reads, theres a few comics that can fulfill your needs.

I particularly, am a fan of Harrow County. Harrow County was created by writer Cullen Bunn and artist Tyler Crook, published by Dark Horse Comics. Even though it started in Cullen Bunn's website as a prose story titled "Countless Haints", it was later repurposed as a comic. I managed to grab the first or prequel in 2016 as part of the free comics offered for Halloween Comic Fest. I have been obsessed ever since.

Harrow County follows Emmy, she's a sweet girl who helps her father in their small farm, all the townspeople love her. Weird things start to happen and then Emmy discovers that she might actually be the reincarnation of Hester the Witch. She struggles to prove herself to the townspeople, while having to deal with a great number of "Haints" (ghosts, goblins, and other spooky things) that live in the dark forest.

It is set in a small rural town with some southern flavor and the art is beautiful and creepy at the same time. It has a water color feeling at times, theres lots of nature combined with the gothic elements. Its a wonderful, creepy story. It is what I think of as Classic Horror, none of that weird extra violence, just cause. Theres a struggle for power, there are elements of good and bad, and things people don't understand so they are afraid of it. It is lovely done and it's an ongoing comic, so pick it up.

Other comics that might attract your fancy for spooks:

The Sandman

My Favorite Thing is Monsters (This one is a Graphic Novel, so it's a longer read, but worth it)



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