Books Inspiring Food, Mystery Edition

Whenever I have the time, I love to try new recipes. Most of these recipes are baked goods, sweets. I enjoy finding books which combine this passion, and I have found that there is a space where reading and cooking/baking meet. This space is in the form of cozy mysteries where the heroine is the owner of a restaurant or bakery. These books have the magical ability to not only provide entertainment in the shape of a fun mystery, but also many times they come with recipes.

I have decided to try two of the recipes in two cozy mystery books. The reason I tried these recipes was because they were fall inspired. The first recipe I tried was from Joanne Fluke's Apple Turnover Murder.

The recipe I picked from the book was the Sun over Moon Cookies and you can find a recipe of the cookies here. In this book Hannah Swensen is asked by the Mayor's wife to bake eleven hundred cookie for an event, and then her business partner suggest they should have an apple turnover stand at said event. While the event is happening they find the body of Bradford Ramsey, a professor at the local college with who Hannah and her sister both had regrettable romances. This story does not take place during the fall, but I like to bake these cookies during the Fall because the name reminds me of mystical beings and brings to mind thinks like witches and werewolves. Regardless of the whimsical name, these cookies are just sugar cookies with a hint of citrus and half dipped in chocolate, hence the sun (citrus) and moon (chocolate). Here is a picture of some of my latest attempts:

My second recipe comes from a recent book, Of Spice and Men by Sarah Fox.

In this book Marley McKinney tries to find the murderer of the head makeup artist of a movie that is being filmed in her small town. Marley owns the Flip Side Diner and not only is she busy solving crimes, she also decides what special items will be put on the menu for the season. In this case it is the Fall and they are looking to include around three seasonal menu ideas. One of these is a pumpkin spice crepe. Since this book is recently out, you will not find the recipe online, but if you read the book the recipe is in the back. This recipe was a little bit harder to accomplish because I didn't have all the tools needed for the crepe making process, but even though it doesn't look beautiful, flavor wise it was pretty good. I added chocolate sauce and a bit of whipped cream. Here is my attempt:

Finding recipes in books, or just food inspiration from stories is one of the ways I like to incorporate what I read into my life. I would love to read your suggestions and book/recipe recommendations.

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