Come as You Aren't- Role Playing Game Review

One of my favorite parts about reading is getting enraptured in a world that is not necessarily your own. The fact that you get engrossed in the characters lives, their dilemmas, their celebrations, is a great part of the reading experience. Sometimes you want to embody the characteristics of a certain character or identify with a particular protagonist. A great way to bring this part of the reading experience into your life is role playing.

Role playing can be as intricate or as simple as you want it to be. You can do it just for fun or you can use it to spice things up with your partner. Come As You Aren't is a Role Playing Game released by POTTER Style, an imprint of Crown Publishing Group. In this role playing game you have three sets of card; a who, a what, a where. The rules are pretty simple and loose and you can come up with your own rules that are comfortable for everybody involved. The Who cards have characters with name, profession,signature accessory and a quote. The where has generic locations, like supermarket, library, in public. The what has a challenge, like say at least 5 dirty things to your partner, and restrained hands. You can give the challenge directly to your partner or put it in an envelop which the game provides and place it somewhere for them to find. The kit also comes with a notepad to add when (date/time) your partner is invited to Come as he/she is not.

You enact the scenarios however you want, theres no right or wrong. The ultimate goal is to just have fun, improvise, and spice things up. We have used the kit twice and have had lots of giggles trying to integrate all three aspects in cohesive ways. Here is an example of one of the challenges:

The fact that the rules are pretty loose, might make it unappealing to some, but it really gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want to do. I would not call this a game I would say it's a tool. It facilitates the idea of roleplaying to people who might be new to it or not feel totally comfortable with it. I thought it was fun, I'm sure having the correct person to share this with helps too. I enjoyed my time with it and my partner did too. It is lots of fun, as long as you are with the right person.

*I was given this game in exchange of an honest review for Blogging for Books.*

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