The Sky Is Yours, my take so far

Have you ever been attracted to a book by it's cover? The cover of The Sky Is Yours jumped at me the first time I saw it. When I read the jacket description, I knew I had to read it. Everything about it screams excess, and I had to get my hands on it.

The Sky Is Yours by Chandler Kang Smith is a story of epic proportions. It takes place in a dystopian city where dragons have taken over the sky. The story focuses on three main characters; Duncan Humphrey Ripple V (a reality star and heir of a rich family), Baroness Swan Leonore Dahlberg (Duncan's new wife), and Abby (a feral girl who lived most of her life surrounded by garbage). The three characters are forced to flee from their home and make their way through the city encountering all sort of misadventures.

I confess, I have not finished this book, but I have read enough to have a good idea of how I feel about it. This is dystopia meets satire meets sci-fi. The world described in The Sky Is Yours is crazy and exaggerated, but at the same time you could see a future where this could be our world. Most of the characters are repulsive, with the exception of the Baroness aka Swanny (you definitely feel for her as the story progresses), most characters are caricatures of vices. At the same time as exaggerated as the story and characters are, there is something about the way it's written that makes you question society today and you can see moments where the author is trying to make a point, criticize our world.

I would say this book is a freaky trip, which you will either enjoy or feel utterly confused by. I plan on finishing it, and at least for me it has been an enjoyable ride.

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