The Little French Bistro, Review

Have you ever wanted to go to France?Have you ever felt a bit unsatisfied with how your life is going? Have you ever wondered what kind of life you would live if you were true to yourself? This are the kind of issues that the main character in The Little French Bistro by Nina George, grapples with.

If the name of the book or the author sounds familiar, that is because she is the author of a previous book titled The Little Paris Bookshop, which is adorable and I recommend. The Little French Bistro has some similarities to The Little Paris Bookshop; the main characters are not necessary what I would call in the spring of their lives, they are in their 60s, the characters are trying to figure out if they can still love, have adventures, and if they still have time to live their best lives.

In The Little French Bistro, we meet Marianne, she is stuck in a loveless marriage and finds herself vacationing in France, when she decides to leave her life behind. She ends up in the coast of Brittany; which after reading this book, I want to go ASAP. In Brittany she meets a whole cast of characters that build her up and help her remember the person who she has always been.

In the Little Paris Bookshop, books where the glue that connected everything and the book even has an appendix with recommended books to cure different ailments (moods). In the Little French Bistro, its the Sea and Food of this coastal community that brings everything together, and at the end of this book you will find a few interesting recipes inspired by the story; which again, I need to try ASAP.

I loved the overall message of this book. It's uplifting, and reminds us that it's never too late to be who we truly are. This is definitely a feel good book, with romance, friendship, and food. I would recommend this book specially now as we are going into Spring and should be celebrating new beginnings.

I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange of an honest review.

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